Experience the success of our Partnership Training program in a group setting!

Socialization is one of the key factors to any successful training program, and so T&T has created a unique spin on the traditional Group Dog Training class. We offer a handful of group training options where owners can progress at their own pace, or really focus on the specific skills that their dogs need most. Experience a refreshing, individual-focused course that still allows a small group to learn and progress together while not losing the perspective that every dog and handler team is unique!

Classes are scheduled when we have 3 or more dog/handler teams signed up for a class, and are available on both weekdays and weekends. You can see which classes are currently scheduled and purchase your registration in our Square Online Store (see right). If the class you want is not available or not at a time that works for you, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

*Disclaimer: For safety, no aggression issues will be addressed in group courses. Talk to one of our trainers about Private Lessons!

Because we train in an outdoor setting, our class offerings are seasonal. Typically we will run classes from April through the end of November. Private lessons and Board & Train options available year-round!

To register for a currently available class, please purchase your registration in our Square Online Store!

Current Available Group Classes

Click on each class name below for a description, including length and cost. Have a suggestion for us? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

Basic/Puppy Partnership Training

Class Level: Beginner

Class Length: Meets for 1 hour, 1x per week, for 8 weeks

Cost: $200

Description: Whether you have just brought home a new puppy, adopted a shelter dog, or have a dog with no previous training, this is the place to start. This class is a total of 8 weeks long, and includes 6 weeks of structured lessons that meet on-site at the training facility, and spaced between those 6 lessons are two off-site field trip weeks for applied practice. This class covers all foundation commands (Sit, Down, Wait, Come, etc.) Leash Skills, discussion and recommendation of appropriate training tools, and introduces greeting manners, all in our Partnership style of training.

Brain Games

Class Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Class Length: Meets for 1 hour, 1x per week, for 4 weeks

Cost: $100

Description: Coming Soon

Canine Good Citizen Preparation

Class Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Class Length: Meets for 1 hour, 1x per week, for 5 weeks

Cost: $150

Description: This class focuses on all the items of the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. More Info coming Soon

Applied Partnership Training

Class Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Class Length: Meets for 1 hour, 1x per week, for 4 weeks

Cost: $100

Description:  This course is designed to follow-up the Basic/Puppy Partnership Training class and is also open to dog & handler teams that have gone through training of our fundamental commands and Partnership technique. This is a “field-trip” based class in which each meet location will be in a different, off-site location. The focus is to apply context to fundamental commands in a variety of real-life environments with our Partnership style of training. This is the next step towards Fido learning how to go everywhere and anywhere with you!