Private Lessons

Communication. Partnership. Love. 

Want to improve communication with your dog?

Take lessons with our trainers in real-life situations! We train in the same environment that you will be dealing with on a daily basis including in-home, trails, downtown, and even in stores and public buildings. Incorporate any of our training services into personalized training sessions for you and your dog. Our goal is to teach you and your dog practical skills that are relevant to your unique lifestyle by building a foundation of trust and communication. We offer both private lessons (1 dog) and semi-private lessons (2 dogs, 2 handlers.)

Lessons are scheduled in a way that works for your lifestyle and can either be purchased individually or as a complete program.


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House & Field Manners

1.5 hours per lesson



Off Leash

2 hours per lesson


*Off leash lessons only available to clients who have completed House & Field Manners program

Specialty Training

Tracking, Tricks, Therapy Dog, Skijoring, etc.

1.5 Hours per lesson



Behavior Rehabilitation

Aggression, fear, reactivity, etc.

1.5 Hours per lesson


*Please note, behavioral issues are most effectively addressed in a Board & Train format, and will be accepted as private lessons on a case-by-case basis. Your Training Evaluation will help determine the best option for you!

Service Dog

1.5 hours per lesson


See our Service Dog page for more info!

Private Lesson Programs

We offer the following standard private lesson programs that fit many peoples’ needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Your In-Home Training Evaluation will customize a plan specifically for you!

Complete House & Field Manners – 7 Lesson Program ($525 – Private / $700 Semi-Private)

All House & Field commands, trained reliably on a standard leash in multiple environments and levels of distractions! Includes dog and human socialization and greeting manners.

House & Field Manners – On to Off Leash Reliability – 13 Lesson Program ($1,050 + Dogtra Remote Training Collar)

The complete package! All of our House & Field Commands, trained to Off Leash Reliability. This program contains our regular House & Field Manners program, distance training and proofing (including teaching off-leash heel), and the On to Off Leash transition, including proper and safe use of a remote training collar. 

Door Manners Add-On – 2 Lesson Program ($150)

Does your dog have trouble greeting guests politely when they come into the home? Do they go ballistic at the sound of the doorbell or a knock on the door? These two lessons, added on to any of our programs, will build a positive routine around coming and going from the home. The first lesson will teach your dog the individual component commands he or she needs to be successful, and the second lesson will put it into practice, including use of volunteer “guests” to practice with!

Therapy Dog Add-On – 5 Lesson Program ($375)

This is an addition to our House & Field Manners package if you are interested in becoming a Therapy Pet Team. Please note that this training is not required if your dog passes our Temperament Evaluation, but it is strongly encouraged and may help you pass the evaluation if your dog needs additional manners!