Our Policies

All That Important Stuff You Need To Know


  • All clients must go through a 3-hour Boarding Evaluation prior to their first time boarding overnight.
  • Prior to boarding, owners must complete a New Client Application, including signing of all release forms. Dogs will not be accepted into boarding without signed releases.
  • All dogs must have proof of current vaccinations on file at all times when present on the property.
  • Clients provide their own dog food in a resealable, hard-sided container. If a dog runs out of food while boarding, T&T will first attempt to contact the owner. If T&T is unable to contact the owner or the owner is unable to provide additional food, T&T will feed the dog our house kibble for the price of $2/meal. Owners should be aware that a sudden change in food can result in gastrointestinal upset, including diarrhea, and T&T prefers that dogs eat their regular food.
  • If a dog is being boarded with other friendly dogs, owners must have read and signed the release of liability contained in the New Client Application. T&T staff can, at any time, remove a dog from group boarding if deemed necessary due to behavioral issues. Owners will be notified.
  • If an injury or incident occurs during boarding, an Incident Report will be written and filed in the client’s folder and presented to the owner upon pickup of the dog. T&T also attempts to contact the owner by phone if any incident occurs. The safety and wellbeing of the dog is always our primary concern.



  • All dogs must complete a Training Evaluation prior to being accepted into our Board & Train program or a series of Private Lessons.
  • A written training plan for Board & Train and Private Lesson clients will be sent to you via mail or email. The training program can begin after the owner has given T&T written or verbal agreement to the training plan, including cost and payment options.
  • When participating in Group Training Classes, clients represent their dogs as friendly, without aggression issues. It is the discretion of the trainer to remove a client from Group Classes at any time if a dog displays aggressive behavior. The dog may continue training in the context of private lessons or Board & Train
  • During a Board & Train program, the owner supplies the dog’s food, bedding, medications/supplements, and training equipment such as: collars, leashes, treat pouches, etc. T&T will purchase the equipment for the owner, to be reimbursed upon pickup. T&T will supply training treats during the duration of the B&T program
  • A fuel charge for lessons or evaluations is assessed when traveling beyond Missoula or Hamilton, at the rate of $0.19/mile


  • Payment is expected and appreciated at the time of service unless otherwise negotiated.
  • Dogs will not be released to clients until a payment is made in full, or other arrangements have been agreed to prior to pick up.
  • Board & Train payments: A payment plan is available upon request. Exact dates and dollar amounts will be part of your written Training Plan (see above under “Training).
  • Private Lessons: A payment plan is available upon request. Exact dates and dollar amounts will be part of your written Training Plan (see above under “Training).
  • Group Training Classes: Payment is required to hold your spot in a Group Class. Dogs and handlers may not participate in a group class until payment has been received.
  • T&T accepts cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).
  • If a payment has not been received by a previously arranged due date, a $10 late fee will apply after 15 days of nonpayment, and an additional $5 late fee will apply every 30 days following.


  • Any credit balance on an account will be used towards future services and will be honored indefinitely
  • In order to receive a refund, clients must request one either verbally or in writing (email is acceptable)
  • If a refund is due, a check will be made out to the client and mailed to the address of their choice within 30 days.



  • We require 48 hours cancellation notice for boarding reservations during non-holiday hours. Failure to provide greater than 48 hours’ notice will result in 25% of the boarding invoice billed to the customer.
  • For holiday reservations, we require a 40% deposit of the total boarding invoice paid at the time the reservation is made. This applies to reservations that include any dates 1 week prior to the holiday date, and the holiday itself.
    • Example: Christmas is on December 25th. Any boarding reservation that contains the dates December 18th-25th would require a 40% deposit. 
    • If a holiday reservation is cancelled with less than one week’s notice, all 40% of the deposit will be retained by Wind River Tails & Trails. If the reservation is cancelled with greater than one week’s notice, half the deposit will be returned to you, and the other half will be kept as credit on your account, good for any future boarding or training services.


  • We require 24 hours cancellation notice for Training Lessons or Evaluations. Failure to do so will result in a $20 cancellation fee.
  • If Wind River Tails & Trails makes a cancellation/reschedule within 24 hours of a Training Lesson or Evaluation, customers will receive $20 off the following lesson
  • *Exceptions to these policies might be made due to inclement weather, family or medical emergency (human or canine), or by mutual agreement.


  • Holidays include all major US Holidays (New Year’s, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas) as well as Spring Break.