Meet Our Service Dog Teams

Below you can meet some of our fabulous service dog teams! This is also the place where we will list any personal fundraising that each team is conducting. You can also donate directly to us and indicate which team you would like to help and any donations will go directly towards paying for that team’s training cost. Thank you!

Handler: Oliver

Dog: Zeebo

Dog’s Breed: Australian Shepherd

Dog’s Origin: Purchased by owner from Dovehawk Australian Shepherds

Status: Graduated!

Service Dog Task(s): Zeebo was trained to help his little boy, Oliver, by recognizing a respiratory emergency and finding Ollie’s Mom to alert her that he needs help!

Handler: Shayna

Dog: Jake

Dog’s Breed: Sharpei x Beagle

Dog’s Origin: Adopted from Missoula Animal Control

Status: In Training – Owner Training (final task work)

Service Dog Task(s): Jake is being trained as a psychiatric service dog; he is providing wake-up assistance to mitigate the effects of medication, to provide both light and Deep Pressure Therapy, and to alert his owner to rising anxiety levels.

Handler: Trent

Dog: Charlie

Dog’s Breed: Poodle mix

Dog’s Origin: Adopted from Beaverhead Animal Shelter (Dillon, MT)

Status: Graduated!

Service Dog Task(s): Charlie has been trained to alert his owner to both high and low blood glucose (sugar) levels. Studies show that dogs’ sense of smell can detect these blood sugar swings up to 20 minutes before an electronic monitor!

Handler: Emma (with Emma’s Mom to help)

Dog: Arthur

Dog’s Breed: Shepherd Mix

Dog’s Origin: Adopted from BitterRoot Humane Association (Hamilton, MT)

Status: Graduated!

Service Dog Task(s): Arthur demonstrated the natural ability to predict seizures. That natural ability has been shaped into a predictable behavior that lets Emma’s parents know ahead of time if Emma is about to have a seizure and gives them time to get her into a safe position. Following a seizure, Arthur also provides light mobility assistance for Emma while she recovers.

Handler: Naomi

Dog: Rocket

Dog’s Breed: Chihuahua x Boston Terrier

Dog’s Origin: Adopted from Humane Society of Western Montana (Missoula, MT)

Status: Graduated!

Service Dog Task(s): Rocket is a psychiatric service dog. He mitigates his owner’s disability by helping her recover more quickly from a medical episode by providing tactile stimulation, by performing medication retrieval/reminders (yes, even as small as he is!), and he is currently working on a new task of alerting his owner to someone approaching unexpectedly from behind, which is a trigger for a medical episode.

Special Note – Rocket and his owner are also major service dog advocates. Because he is a nontraditional small-breed service dog, she often receives questions about him and what he is trained to do (sometimes in a not-so-nice way). They have been great ambassadors to the service dog world!

Handler: Janelle

Dog: Katie

Dog’s Breed: German Shepherd

Dog’s Origin: Purchased from a local MT breeder

Status: Graduated!

Service Dog Task(s): Katie is a seizure-response dog. She has been trained to pull her owner onto her side and lay against her back to prevent her from rolling back over, as well as providing light momentum/guide work in the periods before/after a seizure to assist with mobility.

Special Note: Janelle, Katie, and trainer Ally Cowan were all guests on a local TV show in an episode focused on service dogs. You can watch the episode and see a demonstration of Katie’s skills by >>CLICKING HERE!<<

Handler: Desi

Dog: Bruce

Dog’s Breed: Lab x Sharpei

Dog’s Origin: Adopted from Humane Society of Western Montana (Missoula, MT)

Status: In Training/Public Access Training

Service Dog Task(s): Bruce will be trained as a psychiatric service dog. He will be trained to provide medication reminders, to alert to and mitigate anxiety/panic and dissociation, and to assist waking and guiding his owner in times of emergency due to medication effects.

Handler: Steve

Dog: Koa

Dog’s Breed: Border Collie x Australian Shepherd

Dog’s Origin: Adopted from a local family as a puppy

Status: In Training/Public Access Training

Service Dog Task(s): Koa is being trained as an Autism Assistance dog; she will learn to alert her handler to periods of sensory overload/meltdown and mitigate the effects by creating space, leading her owner to an exit if necessary, providing an excuse to leave a situation, and alert her owner to potential environment triggers that may increase symptoms.

Handler: Nicole

Dog: Micky

Dog’s Breed: Border Collie x Boxer

Dog’s Origin: Adopted from the Humane Society of Beaverhead County (Dillon, MT)

Status: In Training – Task Training

Service Dog Task(s): Micky is learning to recognize, alert, and mitigate triggers of anxiety for his girl to help her be successful as she moves into high school!

Handler: Gabby

Dog: Skye

Dog’s Breed: Rottweiler

Dog’s Origin: Purchased from a local MT breeder

Status: In Training – Public Access Training

Service Dog Task(s): Skye will be trained as a full mobility dog for her owner. She will learn to open doors, turn on lights, retrieve dropped objects, and, if her joints and health allow, pull a wheelchair!

Handler: Liz

Dog: Oso

Dog’s Breed: Unknown – Possibly: Standard dachshund x Boxer x Basset Hound ???

Dog’s Origin: Rescued as a puppy from Tijuana, Mexico!

Status: In Training – On-the-job Team Training!

Service Dog Task(s): Oso is trained to check food items and alert his owner to either the presence or absence of peanut allergen in the food to prevent an allergic reaction!

Handler: Amy

Dog: Lucy

Dog’s Breed: Labrador Retriever

Dog’s Origin: Adopted from Missoula Animal Control!

Status: In Training – On-the-Job Team Training

Service Dog Task(s): Lucy is being trained as a Psychiatric Assistance dog to help mitigate the effects of medication, recognize and respond to anxiety/panic triggers and keep her handler grounded.

Handler: Lucy

Dog: Murphy

Dog’s Breed: Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier

Dog’s Origin: Adopted from a local family

Status: In Training – Beginning Task Training

Service Dog Task(s): Muphy is being trained as a medical alert dog; he will alert his handler’s parents in the event of a medical emergency by barking as well as alerting Lucy and/or her teachers during any episodes at school so that she can focus and be more successful.

Handler 1: Rusty / Handler 2: Vinessa

Dog 1: Cadence / Dog 2: Jazzy

Dog 1’s Breed: German Shepherd x Border Collie Dog 2’s Breed: Labradoodle

Dog 1’s Origin: Adopted as a puppy / Dog 2’s Origin: Donated by Rocky Mountain Labradoodles

Status: in Training – Beginning Public Access Training

Service Dog Task(s) Cadence: is being trained as a combination mobility assistance, migraine detection, and PTSD service dog for army combat veteran Rusty. Rusty was a helicopter pilot and was injured as a result of a crash. Cadence will be trained to assist Rusty with stairs when necessary, to create space in crowded situations and provide relief from triggers. We are also attempting an experimental migraine detection task by taking saliva samples at the onset of debilitating migraines and using nosework training to see if Cadence can detect and alert to the changes that herald a migraine before it occurs. The money for Cadence’s training was generously donated by the Rocky Mountain Warrior Foundation.

Service Dog Task(s) Jazzy: Jazzy is our second peanut allergen detection dog! Jazzy will be trained to do both a controlled food search and a more general room search due to the severity of her handler’s allergy.

Special Note: Rusty and Vinessa are a father/daughter team! Both family members have a need, and the best part is, they can help each other out!

Handler: Camilla

Dog: Zorro

Dog’s Breed: Pit Bull mix

Dog’s Origin: Showed up as a starving stray on the owner’s Texas ranch!

Status: In Training – House & Field Manners

Service Dog Task(s): Zorro is being trained as a Psychiatric Assistance Dog. He will mitigate his handler’s symptoms by creating space on all sides when needed, leading to an exit/outside on command, recognize and respond to his handler’s anxiety levels with a signal that gives his handler an excuse to leave a situation, provide Deep Pressure Therapy, and more!

More coming soon!