Daycare & Socialization Services

Socialize. Play. Fun. 

Our daycare and socialization services are now up and running! Our daycare is structured, enhanced socialization to help your dog be the most well-balanced, polite canine he can be. In addition to small, tailored play groups supervised by trained kennel staff we will also be offering DAY TRAINING options, including integration of dogs with a history of behavioral problems back into the doggie social world.

Full Day • $25 / $20 Training Clients

Half Day • $15 / $10 Training Clients

Multi-Dog Daycare • Each additional dog within the same family is $5 for all services

Day Training – On Site Lesson • $20 (plus cost of daycare or boarding)

30 minute, on-site training session while a dog is boarding or participating in daycare. This session can include working on commands, leash skills, or trainer-supervised socialization for dogs not yet ready for full daycare services. Dog will go home with a written report card.

Day Training – Off Site Lesson • $80 (plus cost of daycare or boarding)

Full, 1-2 hour training session off site at a location of the owner’s choice! Dogs will go home with a written report card. 

We will require reservations for daycare and for dogs to attend a free, half-day evaluation to determine which services your dog is eligible for to start. Dogs that cannot immediately participate in daycare may be able to graduate into the service with the help of one of our skilled trainers!

Drop Off & Pick Up Hours: 8AM – 10AM, 12PM – 1PM, 5PM-7PM

Puppy Play Yard

This is a special yard reserved just for puppies 6 months and under! On Sundays and Wednesdays, we reserve one yard for puppy socialization and play. We provide physical and mental stimulation with new sights, sound, and playmates to expand puppies’ worlds. Your puppy will be supervised by trained staff and volunteers who are well-versed in canine body language and play behavior to help your puppy grow up to be social and well-balanced! Puppies must have their first set of DHPP vaccinations to attend, and owners are required to provide us with updated vaccinations as their puppies receive them.

We require a minimum of 3 puppies confirmed for the day to hold the spot, and utilize a Doodle Poll scheduling system to determine attendance. If you want to join our Puppy Yard, please fill out the Request to Join Puppy Yard form by filling out the form below! (You only need to do this the first time. Once you have been accepted, simply use the link sent to you in your email to utilize our daily sign-up!)

(Exceptions on age requirements are made on a case by case basis–if you think your puppy would be a good fit, please ask!)

$10 per puppy, per day

Drop off & Pick-Up Hours:

8-10AM, 12-1PM, 5-7PM

Click Here to fill out an online request to join our puppy yard or reserve a yard for the day!