Boarding Upgrade Options

Live. Learn. Play. 


Does your dog need some extra exercise while you are away? Mental enrichment? Maybe you would like to upgrade him/her to luxury sleeping accommodations? Look through our menu of Upgrade Services and let our kennel staff know what you would like to add!



Fun Walks ($12) – A 30 minute on-leash walk on our 120-acre ranch for added exercise and fun!

——2nd Dog can be added for only $6

Treat Scavenger Hunt ($5) – Give your dog a physical and mental workout by asking him to use his nose. We will prepare a trail mix of treats and high-grade kibble hidden in various places around your dog’s yard and let him hunt it out.

Frozen Stuffed Kong ($2) – Another great source of mental enrichment for your dog. Let him kick back and work on a Kong toy stuffed with yummy filling (choice of peanut butter or soft dog food), and to make the enjoyment last longer, we freeze it!

In-Home Sleepover ($15) – While our barns are warm and cozy, sometimes dogs want/need some human companionship. This option will get your dog sleeping with one of our staff members overnight in their quarters!

—–2nd Dog $7.50

*Limit 2 spaces per night available

Extra One-on-One Time ($5/15 minutes) – Whether you want us to play Fetch, Tug of War, or just hang out and provide human companionship, we can give that extra-special attention to your pup with your choice of activity!

Training Options available for both Daycare and Boarding – Please see our training pages for more information!