Overnight Boarding

Spacious. Natural. Comfortable. 

Overnight Dog Boarding

Bring your dog to board at our one of a kind facility for an overnight or a few weeks! Wind River Tails & Trails is designed to create a safe, home-away-from-home environment for your dog while you’re away.

We are the best facility in Missoula and the Bitterroot that provides large open yards and available access between our outdoor and indoor areas. The dogs can enjoy playing in the grassy yards or take a nap in our heated/cooled barns.

We are a cage and crate free kennel that supports dogs being happy in a natural and comfortable environment.

Dogs will be boarded individually in their own “Backyard Suite” OR can be integrated into our daycare and play groups for additional socialization and play!

We also offer a few Boarding Upgrade Services to enhance your dog’s stay with us! See our menu for options.

Drop Off & Pick Up Hours:

8 AM – 10 AM, 12 PM – 1 PM, 5 PM – 7 PM

*Special Appointment Drop-Offs & Pick-Ups Available for an additional fee* 

 Please review our Cancellation Policies.


Follow the three easy steps below!

Step 1 - Fill Out New Client Forms

All new clients need to fill out our New Client Forms and sign our releases, found >> HERE <<

You’ll need to bring these with you during your new client evaluation. We also ask that owners provide us with a 2″x2″ color photograph of their dogs!

Step 2 - Send us a copy of current vaccination records

Please have a copy of current vaccination records for DHPP (or similar. Must contain Distemper & Parvovirus), Rabies, and (optional) Bordatella.

You can either bring these with you along with your New Client Forms OR have your veterinarian fax them.

Please have veterinarians fax records to: (406) 273-4752

Step 3 - Schedule your FREE Half-Day Boarding Evaluation!

ALL New Clients go through a free, half-day boarding evaluation for placement within our services.

This is an opportunity for owners to receive a tour of the facilities and for our staff to meet you and your dog. We will place your dog in one of our spacious yards and observe them for a half-day of daycare. If your dog is friendly, we will also place them in one of our small play groups and observe them for compatible dogs and play styles. All dogs are sent home with a copy of our intake evaluation form, which gives you a snapshot of how your dog did and what services (including training and daycare!) your dog fits into!

You can schedule that evaluation by calling our office or filling out our online form >> HERE <<

Existing Clients - Make An Online Boarding Reservation

Stayed with us before? Great! You can easily request a boarding reservation by clicking the button below! 

Vaccination Requirements

We require documented proof of the following vaccinations on file prior to any dog visiting the facility. This includes both boarding and services.

  • Puppies must have at least their first set of DHPP vaccines prior to utilizing our Puppy Yard, boarding, or group training class services.
  • Dogs of an appropriate age must have current DHPP and Rabies vaccines.
  • We recommend but do not require the Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccine.

Exceptions to vaccination requirements:

  1. In lieu of vaccinations, we will accept a FAVN Titer test certificate every two years for Distemper, Parvovirus, and Rabies. We recommend titer testing and employ it with our Karelian Wildlife Service Dogs to prevent unnecessary vaccinations, and are happy to provide information on the benefits of Titers if you are interested!
  2. Any dog over 10 years of age with a documented regular vaccination history is exempt from further vaccinations

The following is a list of everything your pup needs to enjoy his or her stay with us!

  • Your dog’s food in a resealable, hard-sided container. Please bring enough for the duration of your dog’s stay, plus one day’s extra (just in case!)
    • We are able to prepare/administer special diets, refrigerated, or frozen food
  • Your dog’s food bowl (we supply water containers)
  • Your dog’s medications or nutritional supplements (if any)
  • A bed or blanket (something that smells like home)
    • We have plenty of extra blankets and bedding to provide your dog with cozy sleeping quarters
  • Any toys and/or treats you wish your dog to have
  • A flat collar, martingale collar, or body harness with up-to-date identification tag

Leave your dog someplace they love with family you can trust!

Our Standard of Care:

Your dog will receive individual love and attention from our kennel staff, as well as environmental enrichment. Here’s what dogs are treated to when they stay at Wind River!

  • 24/7 indoor-outdoor access between our natural-grass yards and heated/cooled barns
  • Dog-safe toys available in every yard
  • Individual attention by our kennel staff throughout the day
  • Day-time small play groups with other compatible dogs if requested by owner.
  • Practice of polite gate behavior by our trained kennel staff as they move in and out of the yards
  • Is your dog here for an extended stay? We rotate the yard your dog stays in so they get different neighbors and different views!
  • Staff on-site overnight
  • Nightly Snuggle-Downs

Nightly Snuggle-Downs

Each night, your pup gets tucked into its cozy bedding under the warm glow of the heat lamps. Our kennel staff goes around with dog biscuits and snuggles to settle the dogs in for the night. Your dog will be safe, happy, and loved.