Board & Train

Intensive. Effective. Life Changing. 

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, so we have created an environment to do just that.

This is our most highly-recommended training option! Our Board & Train service is our most intensive, effective, and fast option to change behavior in your dog. Whether you want to send your puppy off to summer camp for House & Field manners, correct aggressive behavior in your dog, or train your soon-to-be service animal, this is the option for you.

All of our Board & Train programs include our complete set of House & Field Manners, because we believe that one of the most critical steps in creating happy, well-balanced dogs is to give them a job or purpose that they love and take pride in performing. This is an essential component in any behavior rehabilitation program, and creates the avenue for real and lasting change.

Transparent and Honest

Visit any time. Board & Trains mean your dog stays with us, at our facility, and we know you miss them! You can come visit at any point during your dog’s training program, check up on your dog’s progress with your trainer, and keep your eyes open for photos and videos on our Facebook page!

We offer the following complete programs:

Fill out a request to speak with one of our Partners-In-Life® Trainers!

House & Field Manners

Critical, foundation commands all dogs should know in the home, down town, and out on the trail as well as polite greeting manners with humans and other dogs. Your dog will be trained to respond reliably to all commands in multiple environments and levels of distraction. This is the perfect package to build a well-rounded companion. 

Length: 3 weeks


Includes: Minimum 15 full training sessions, 4 mini on-site review sessions, integration into structured play groups for socialization, 4 days as our “Office Greeter,” 3 Owner Transfer Lessons, and free Follow-Up Lessons for the first 90 days after returning home. 

House & Field Manners - Off Leash

The complete package! This program is available to approved dogs 1 year and older who do not demonstrate any dog or human-focused aggression. This includes our complete set of House & Field Manners, trained to off leash reliability. If you enjoy the outdoor Montana lifestyle and want to share this with your dog, this is the program for you!

Note: Our Off Leash training is only conducted in designated off-leash areas.

Length: 5 Weeks

Cost: $3,200 (Price includes Dogtra Remote Training Collar)

Includes: Minimum 25 full training sessions of our Partnership Training, minimum of 10 on-site review sessions, integration into our small play groups, minimum of 4 days as our Office Meeter & Greeter, 5 Owner Transfer Sessions, and free follow-up lessons for the first 90 days after going home. Price also includes a 30-foot long line and Dogtra remote collar.

*Dogs who have demonstrated aggressive behavior CAN participate in our off leash program once they have completed our behavioral rehabilitation program, either via Board & Train or private lessons, and have a proven track record of reliably disengaging or interacting with the focus of their aggression on-leash for at least 3 months. Pricing will vary based on previous training.

Behavior Rehabilitation

For the rehabilitation of behavioral issues, such as: Anxiety/Fear, Reactivity, Resource Guarding, limited Aggression issues. 

Includes our complete set of House & Field Manners, as well as additional training to address the behavioral issue itself. Our goal is change the dog from the inside, not just create a band-aid fix or management system!

4-8 Weeks


Specialty Training

Do you want your dog to learn more specific behaviors, advanced training, or a cool sport or activity? Based on your individual needs, we will create a program for you that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. We can teach tracking, pulling sports, and more, just ask!

*Owners are responsible for the purchase of specialty equipment (skijoring harness, tracking lead, etc.)


Training That Lasts a Lifetime

While we at Wind River know that there is ALWAYS magic in dog training, there is no “magic fix” to any behavioral issue, and for a Board & Train program to succeed, the real work begins at home. Because we want your dog’s training to last his or her lifetime, we offer FREE follow-up lessons for the first 90 days after your dog returns home for any of our complete programs. These lessons are in addition to the required Owner Transfer training!

The Wind River Promise

We are committed to the success of every dog that comes into our care. While we set a time frame and cost for each dog’s training program, we know that every dog is different. If we do not feel we have accomplished the goals we set for you in the time we have specified, we will continue working with you and your dog until we have, at our cost. This is our promise to you, and our dedication to the dogs we love. 

Additional Board & Train Options

In addition to our complete programs, we do offer a variety of shorter Board & Train options that allow our trainers to focus in on specific skill-building. This is a great option to kick-start your training and provide a solid foundation for future work, or to build upon existing behaviors.

30-minute On-Site Lesson (Add on to Daycare or Boarding) – $20

Receive all the benefits of our socialization services as well as a 30-minute on-site training session for your dog. This training session can include review/polishing of known behaviors, introduce a new behavior, or focus on supervised socialization/play for dogs that need help with this specific area. Drop-Off 8-10AM, Pick-Up 5-7PM.

1-2 Hour Off-Site Lesson (Add on to Daycare or Boarding) – $80

The same as above, except that your dog will receive a full off-site training session of the owner’s choice. This can include working on trail manners, human and dog socialization, a pet-friendly store field trip, or almost anything else you can think of! Drop-Off 8-10AM, Pick-Up 5-7PM.

Board & Train Weekly Rate • $600 / $700 (Behavioral Rehabilitation)

Whether you are trying to get a jump start on a training program, have that one thing that you just can’t work through at home, or want to have your dog benefit from training while you are away on vacation, we do offer our Board & Train services at a weekly rate. Weekly Board & Train rates include: 7 Nights Boarding, 5 Full Training Sessions, 2 on-site review sessions, and one Owner Transfer Lesson upon pickup, as well as written take-home material. 

Puppy Jump Start • 1 Week $500

We are firm believers in getting started on the right paw, and working to prevent problems from occurring when possible rather than trying to fix them after they arise. Start your puppy off on a fast-track trajectory to being a well-balanced canine citizen. This specially-priced 1 week Board & Train, for puppies 6 months and under, will get your puppy started on all basic commands, leash skills, and greeting manners. This includes: 7 Nights Boarding, participation in our Puppy Play Yard, 5 full training sessions, 2 on-site review sessions, and 1 Owner Transfer Lesson upon pick-up. Will also include written take-home material and a report card! 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch! We are happy to build a custom program that fits your needs!