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11/5/2015 Update

Will family and friends be visiting for the holidays? Do you want your dog to be able to greet them politely? Introducing our “Holiday Manners” training specials! We are offering the following two specials specifically for the holiday season:

  • “Holiday Manners” 1-week Board & Train ($550): Your dog will learn the ins and outs of being a good holiday host. With cues like “Down,” “Stay,” “Bed,” and barrier training, as well as our signature “There’s Our Friend” protocol for greeting people politely at the door, you can have peace of mind this holiday season. Includes 7 nights boarding, 5 training sessions (minimum), and 1 Owner Transfer lesson at your home to put it all into practice!
  • “Door Manners” Training package – Is your pup staying with us over a long weekend? Take advantage of this smaller package! This includes 2 lessons while boarding to teach our “There’s Our Friend” door manners protocol, as well as 1 private lesson at your home when you pick your dog up! Cost is $150 for the training add on.

Join us on Tuesday, December 8th from 6-9PM at Tamarack Brewery in Missoula for a Tap Night! Tamarack hosts these tap nights to help local organizations raise funds by donating $0.75 of every beverage sale to the organization. We will be participating in the event to help raise money for a scholarship fund to cover the cost of service dog training for a family in need. Come out, enjoy a few drinks, and help a member of our local community!

Have you Liked us on Facebook yet? We update our Facebook page FREQUENTLY with pictures of our Boarding yards and progress updates on our training clients. CLICK HERE! 

Remember, we also offer gift certificates for training! The perfect holiday gift for your dog-loving friends and family.

Passionate about Dogs!

“Our mission is to conduct meaningful work in the realm of animal to human communication and coexistence, with the end result of improving human-wildlife and human-canine relationships…” (Read more)

Our Mission

Leave your dog some place you can trust and they love

Reserve a private “backyard suite”


Broaden your dog’s world and vocabulary

Join our “Partners in Life Program”

Partnership Training

Change how your dog sees the world

Give them a PAWSITIVE outlook on life

Partnership Training


This is the only facility that you can reserve the equivalent of a private backyard for your dog!
Leave your dog someplace you can trust, and they can enjoy being a dog.

  • Individual & group boarding
  • Stress-free, natural environment
  • Outside of the city
  • HUGE, grassy yards
  • Nightly “snuggle-downs”


  • Break routine of an everyday hike and try something new: “Partnership Training.”
  • Improve communication with your dog and better the quality of both your lifestyles.
  • We train in real-life situations to teach you and your dog practical skills.
  • Based upon our 20 years of proven techniques training our Wind River Bear Institute Karelian Bear Dogs.
  • Offering group lessons, private lessons, and board & train!

Board & Train

  • Your dog will stay at our facility while we change more than just superficial bad habits,
  • Our goal is to create a fundamental understanding for the desired behavior that we want out of the dog.
  • Your dog will be around trained staff that provides a consistent environment for the duration of its training
  • An effective and extensive training option.

Support a Cause

Join a family related by Dog that values the daily presence of four-legged friends…

Our Mission: “To conduct meaningful work in the realm of animal to human communication and coexistence…”

(Visit the Wind River Bear Insitute)

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between Lolo and Florence, in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley!

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