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Monte needs a home!

Monte is a male black lab/pit bull mix looking for a new home. He is an athletic, healthy and beautiful dog that was rescued in Montana. He is 2-years old, 100% house trained, weighs about 70 lbs., neutered, current on all shots and micro-chipped.  He comes with an extra large Kong crate if wanted.

Please read this letter carefully before calling.

Read Monte's Adoption Letter

 An ideal adoptive home would not have another dog, would have a safe and secure fence, or lots of land, and would be a loving owner who is interested in an active relationship with the dog. Monte in not a great candidate for watersports or hunting.

Indoors: Monte is house-trained, gentle and calm, and sleeps soundly through the night. He is genuinely sweet and affectionate with all people and children (he was intuitively gentle with a newborn baby and toddler in the house, and with an elderly dog).  He loves to snuggle near you when indoors, and is grateful for all active attention. He loves to play, be brushed and to have his belly rubbed.

Outdoors:  He is a high-energy dog with a playful spirit.  Monte loves to chase his football and other toys. Monte is a wonderful companion, especially for jogging or long distance running, Monte naturally likes to run alongside you while biking and running. He is an absolutely incredible runner!  Monte is smart and curious, and he does best when he is given a job or task to perform, yet he does need to be on leash and managed carefully. He does not like swimming or water.

Behaviorally: Monte is highly trainable, intelligent, moderately food-motivated, highly praise-motivated, wants to learn and will do his best to be a “good boy,” if he is shown what you want him to do.  He is a loyal, dedicated dog who would make an excellent home partner, working dog, and loving companion for the right person or family.

Monte demonstrates only love for humans, including babies and children (i.e., he has never shown any aggression toward a human). Monte’s behavioral issue is that has a history of selective aggressive behavior with other dogs. He seems to do well with dogs he’s gotten a chance to know well. However, he had a period between 1-2 years of age when he instigated several dog fights.  These fights were initially when he was off-leash with his new owners soon after being rescued from the shelter. The fights were sporadic, but increased in frequency to where they were both on and off leash.  These fights were serious, and caused injuries to both dogs.

Professional Training Program:  Monte’s family cannot keep him.  In an effort to help find a better home, they enrolled him into, and paid for, an intensive 8-week Board & Train behavior rehabilitation program at Wind River Tails & Trails (windrivertailsandtrails.com) in Florence, MT to teach him a full spectrum of dog commands as his “job” and to help correct his aggression behavior. Wind River is known world-wide for their work in rehabilitating wild, problem bears and their use and training of Wildlife Service Dogs.  They are well-known for their success in training and rehabilitating companion dogs and are simply the best chance anywhere for Monte to re-enter family life.  They’ve had great success with Monte.

Wind River’s training is designed to address Monte’s specific needs and issues. He has been given his new “job” of the basic Home and Field commands and is currently being trained specifically to understand and enjoy how to encounter and disengage from other dogs and animals, such as birds, cows, deer and other wildlife.

Monte’s Future: Monte’s training was very successful. Monte is trained to be predictable on-leash, but will probably need to be on leash, and his activity managed, until he has an established track record for disengaging when seeing other dogs.

Included in this training for new owners are eight “Owner Transfer Training Lessons”, valued at about $1,000, by the Wind River Trainers, to be given to any new owner, to ensure a successful life and partnership with him. It is possible he may need to be on leash for his lifetime, which is consistent with urban living and would be well suited for him.  He needs an owner who can provide ample love, time, and consistency with him.

Monte is responding extremely well to training. He’s a dog that will thrive in an environment where he is managed well and given lots of love. He has finished his training and is now available to a new home. If you are interested in learning more or visiting him, please call 406-207-7997, or contact us here at Wind River to speak with his professional trainer. Thank you for your consideration. 

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